About Emma Keating Jewellery

Emma Keating

Me by my workbench. It’s looking remarkably tidy!

About me

When I was young, I was that child surrounded by colouring pencils, filling books and books with pictures of every sort of animal. As a young adult, this passion led me to fall in love with the inspirational jewellery of Lexi Dick (dragons, elephants, etc.) – which I still collect today.

After a career which began in Engineering Design (helicopters!), I have now returned to my early passions and have developed my own range of silver jewellery themed in the natural world.

About the making process

My jewellery is made in sterling silver using traditional silversmithing and lost wax casting techniques, and is hallmarked. I model my subjects in wax using a portfolio of photographs as guidance – building the shapes up from scratch and even modelling the undersides of the creatures. As my pieces are meant as a a celebration of our wonderful wildlife, no actual  creatures are used in the casting process.

About my designs

I am a jewellery designer with a love of the unusual.  I have always seen great beauty in simplicity – objects and shapes which are beautiful in their own right without the need for further adornment – and this is strongly reflected in my jewellery. My designs reflect a childhood passion for wild animals and the natural environment, and I try to capture, in silver, the true spirit of the creatures (or plants) that have inspired me.

I strongly believe that beautiful jewellery should not be locked away and kept for best  – and so, above all, my jewellery is designed to be worn (and hopefully admired!) every day, with a myriad of different outfits and to suit every occasion from gracing the red carpet to popping to the supermarket!

I hope you enjoy visiting my website, – and I hope that that my jewellery makes you smile.

Emma Keating