Relaxing in my garden – which also serves as the backdrop to most of my product photos

About me

When I was young, I was that child surrounded by colouring pencils, filling books and books with pictures of every sort of animal. As a young adult, this passion led me to fall in love with the inspirational jewellery of Lexi Dick (Medusa, dragons, elephants, etc.) – which ignited something inside me.

Despite my passions for animals and art, I followed my alternative loves of mathematics and design into a career in Engineering Design (helicopters!). This then led on to project management in a variety of disciplines, a move to Brussels (where I met my husband) and much international travel. I even played rugby for Belgium! But all the while, my desire to dabble in jewellery design never waned.

The turning point came in 2014 when tragedy turned to triumph. A house robbery, in which I lost my whole collection of Lexi’s jewellery (and a lot more besides), led to her offering to show me how to model in wax – and therefore how to make my own animal themed jewellery. After a couple of days messing around with wax in Lexi’s workshop in Islington, and a few months trying to perfect my first model at home – Quasimodo, my large red-eyed tree frog, was born.

And so was my jewellery business!

I work from my home in Westenhanger, near the Kent coast (UK) – which I share with my husband, 2 children, Toby the tortoise and a cheeky puppy named Pablo.

About my designs


Tree Frog early wax - Emma Keating Jewellery

After my first few hours of modelling – this is why my frog is called Quasimodo!

And the final piece!