A snapshot of the lead up to a big show…

The Spring Craft & Design Fair 2017, at RHS Garden Wisley, was my first major show as a creator of jewellery for animal lovers everywhere. During fairs like these, us exhibitors try to give off an air of calmness and professionalism – while behind the scenes we’re paddling furiously like the proverbial duck! So here are a few photos to pop the illusion…

The journey to RHS Garden Wisley

My personal journey to RHS Garden Wisley started in earnest in January when my place at the Spring Craft & Design Fair was confirmed. Three months and a very significant amount of work later (all of which fits into a small plastic box!), the car was packed and ready to go. I have a weakness for choosing events due to their beautiful surroundings and RHS Garden Wisley certainly didn’t disappoint – stunning from the entrance onwards. Even the marquee was impressive!

Setting up my stall

This was my first major fair and the professionalism of the whole event is clear to see. It made the job of setting up a real pleasure (well almost!) and, as an indoor event, I didn’t have to contend with either wind or rain. Although I’ve set my stand up many times before, it didn’t stop me fiddling endlessly before I was happy with the final effect (- which I still do for every show no matter how small!). The last stage was to stash everything that I might need under the table, hidden behind the freshly ironed table cloth.

Enjoying the Surroundings and Gaining A Family

Once the fair had started, I had no time at all to visit and enjoy the gardens or to admire the wonderful creations that the Craft Fair had brought together. So I had a sneak peek of the other exhibits, after setting up my own, and took a few moments to enjoy the gardens – well, until the heavens opened anyway. Here are a few…

The Craft & Design Fair at RHS Garden Wisley remains one of my absolute favourite shows and I highly recommend a visit if ever you have the opportunity.

One thing I didn’t envisage when participating in this first fair was that, through it (and other events), I would join a wonderfully vibrant, supportive and slightly eclectic family of artists. Having spent years in the corporate sector, I feel strangly at home with my new crafty family!

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