Back in 2019 while presiding over a case against Boris Johnson, Baroness Brenda Hale unwittingly became the name on everyone’s lips. This was in part due to her ruling, but in large part due to her decision to wear a large spider brooch for the event. Wildlife lovers like me rejoiced at the high profile celebration of our beasts as well as our beauties.

At the time, I was attending one of my large shows, and my friend Nicky and I spent many hours trying to work out how we could get Baroness Hale to wear one of my pieces. After all, it was sure to be a match made in heaven! Unbeknownst to me, Helen, a regular customer with a weakness for large statement brooches, had already set the wheels in motion. One of my large Yellow-Tailed Scorpion Brooches was already on it’s way to Lady Hale – a retirement gift from the UK Association of Women Judges. As someone who started their career as the only female engineer in a department of male engineers, I couldn’t have been more proud.

I was even more proud when I was contacted by the Financial Times, saying that my scorpion brooch would be featured in an article about Baroness Hale’s favourite brooches. Four years on, I still regularly have customers mentioning her brooch collection at my shows.

Read the full article here: “My Favourite Pieces: How Lady Hale’s Brooches livened up more than her attire”

Scorpion Brooch - Emma Jeating Jewellery