Bee Ring (Bee & Daisy Ring)


This enchanting bumblebee ring is a very popular member of my bumblebee jewellery family.

So many people fell in love with my bee earrings that they began asking for a ring to complete the set… and I couldn’t refuse. Oxeye daisies are a great favourite of the bees in my garden and so it seemed only appropriate to give my silver bee a little daisy to rest upon.



Inspiration for my Bee Ring

I am lucky to have a wild cottage garden, full of flowers – and it is such a thrill to see a lovely fat bumblebee buzzing around visiting individual flowers. That said, I didn’t actually consider modelling bees at firstas they were already so popular in jewellery. But I was asked so many times that I eventually gave in. And I’m glad that I did, as my little bees have enjoyed a great deal of attention since their debut. Particularly this Bee Ring, depicting a buff-tailed bumblebee on one of their favourite flowers (in my garden at least) – the Oxeye Daisy.

The image that I have in my head, when bumblebees are mentioned, is a little fuzzy bumblebee with its wings tucked in, which thankfully differs from many designs of bee jewellery. When approaching the ring, I contemplated a full-sized Queen Bee Ring. But modelling caution, and my love of the bee and daisy combo, drew me to this design. A very comfortable ring to wear, it now has very many admirers. …And I did eventually model a Queen Bee Ring – so now the choice is yours.

What my customers say:

“OH MY GOODNESS EMMA!!!! Just got home from work and it was in the mailbox! I wouldn’t think it was possible, but it is even better in person!!! It was worth every penny and the wait!!!! It is absolutely amazing and I am never taking it off.”

Mollie – Maryland, USA   (re. Bee & Daisy Ring)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



The daisy is 21mm in diameter and the bee measures 12mm x 10mm x 6mm

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