Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Brooch


Dragonflies must be amongst the best loved and most artistically reproduced forms of the insect world. And it is not difficult to see why.

Designed to represent this large, beautiful dragonfly resting just before it takes flight, it is fluttering into the hearts of many an admirer.

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Inspiration for my Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Brooch

Dragonflies are a very popular subject in jewellery. And I was asked many times to model one before I finally gave in. Too nervous! I chose the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly because of its wonderfully scalloped abdomen. It is a feature which translates perfectly into silver. It is modelled close to the real size of this beautiful insect. Though designed as a pendant, it certainly makes a striking dragonfly brooch.

The wings were always going to be a challenge. If you add all of the incredible detail of the veining on the wings, they would look too heavy. So I instead chose to minimise the detail on the wings to mirror the near-transparency of the real thing. I was secretly really pleased with the final result… Anything less and I would have hidden it in my modelling drawer of shame!

Learn more about the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly here.

What my customers say:

“Using the dragonfly Somatochlora metallica as the model of your work seems very appropriate due to the name. You have captured the beauty of this dragonfly well, the overall proportions and shape, but also the face details, which was not that obvious from the picture…”

Erland – dragonfly enthusiast, Denmark (re. Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly)

The proceeds of this sale went to support the conservation efforts of The British Dragonfly Society


Sterling Silver, including brooch pin and clasp

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



80mm width across wings x 63mm length head to tail

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