Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Pendant


Dragonflies must be amongst the best loved and most artistically reproduced forms of the insect world. And it is easy to see why.

Designed to represent this large, beautiful dragonfly resting just before it takes flight, it is fluttering into the hearts of many an admirer.


Inspiration for my Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly

I was asked many times if I would do a dragonfly. But, due to the popularity of dragonflies in jewellery, I approached this subject matter with quite some trepidation. I chose the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Pendant because of its wonderfully scalloped abdomen – a feature which translates perfectly into silver.

The wings were always going to be a challenge: if you add all of the incredible detail of the veining on the wings, the wings would look too heavy. So I instead chose to minimise the detail on the wings so that they mirrored the near-transparency of the real thing. I was secretly really pleased with the final result – anything less and I would have hidden it in my modelling drawer of shame!

They can now be paired with matching dragonfly earrings

What my customers say:

“I received the dragonfly last night. WOW! It’s exactly as the pictures show, but when wearing it in person, I’m amazed by how light and comfortable it feels around the neck. The thicker chain definitely helped to reduce the pressure on the neck, and the weight and balance of the pendent is just beautiful, and doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all. I loved the titled angles of the wings of the big dragonfly. They reflect lights charmingly. Thank you so much for the little baby dragonfly charm. That’s so sweet and kind of you!     My daughter is so excited that she has a matching “mommy and me” pendent now 🙂

When I saw the red eyed frog (your first piece, I know it after reading the story from your website), I was like, WOW, it just looks like the one on the Biology textbook cover, except for the leg made it so alive that it feels it’s gonna jump away the next moment. I love those “live” moments captured in your art, as well as no insects are hurt in the process of making it. 

Looking forward to more of your beautiful work and the beauty of nature expressed and captured in your work! Thank you again, Emma!”

Weishi– Houston, USA   (re. Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Necklace)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



80mm width x 63mm depth

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