Chameleon & Leaf Pendant


Chameleons are such fascinating creatures that they became one of the first things that I modelled when I started to learn the lost wax process.

This pendant is an adaptation of my original Chameleon Necklace – but is truer in style to the image which originally inspired me to design and create chameleon jewellery. In fact, the original fly was created as a feature on one of the earliest chameleon necklace designs – so I wear my flies and chameleons together. Fly earrings anyone?


Inspiration for my Chameleon & Leaf Pendant

Chameleons appeared very early on my To Do list. They are among the most charismatic of creatures: their eccentric appearance, their bizarre eyes, their colours and their lovely curly tails. When researching them, I particularly fell in love with a photo of a baby chameleon clinging precariously to the end of a fine leaf. I was determined to capture the magic of that photo. However I was worried that a design of chameleon and leaf pendant might roll over when worn. So I started experimenting with settings to make sure that the chameleon could be admired in all of its glory. The result was my chameleon necklace.

As time when on, I returned over and over again to that photo of the baby chameleon. Determined to make it work, I sat down with a long silver leaf and a chameleon and experimented. The result is this chameleon and leaf pendant, with the leaf twisted into a lovely curve and the chameleon clinging on saying “Look at me!”.


What my customers say:

“The chameleon has arrived and is so beautiful. Thank you very much, Emma.”

Katerina – Saxony, Germany (re. Chameleon Pendant) N.B. The chameleon pendant was designed at Katerina’s request to accompany her chameleon ring.

“It is lovely and I have the ring on today so I’m trying to mate them!”

Nicky – Basingstoke, UK (re. Chameleon Pendant, with the Chameleon Ring)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



14 x 44 mm (chameleon length) 60 mm (hanging length)

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