Bracelet Charms


Charismatic frogs, magnificent moon moths or slightly creepy earwigs – what will you choose to adorn your charm bracelet. This selection of bracelet charms can be added to my starter charm bracelet or added to your own bracelet.

They all come with a sterling silver jump ring that can be opened with pliers to be added to a bracelet. If you are ordering these bracelet charms alongside my charm bracelet, please contact me to let me know whether you would like them to be soldered in place.



Inspiration for my Charms and my Charm Bracelet

I have coveted charm bracelets since childhood. But it was many years later, in my late 40’s that I finally got my own charm bracelet, inherited from my late mother-in-law. I love running them through my hands, examining the details of each individual charm – knowing that they all have their own individual meaning. So when Claudine from Concept (one of my first galleries) suggested a charm bracelet, I leapt at the chance. Although it is an old-fashioned idea, I greatly enjoy seeing how many others share my passion for these unique items of jewellery.

The bracelet itself is made from a robust cable chain, with a little bumblebee attached holding the hallmark and is secured with a fine safety chain (see separate listing for Charm Bracelet). Currently the choice of bracelet charms includes: bumblebee, daisy, earwig, ivy leaf, shieldbug, horse chestnut leaf, green sea turtle, tree frog, monstera leaf, ladybird, moon moth, dragonfly, fly (aka dinner), woodlouse (open and closed), moon moth, spider, slug, snail, baby shark and frog on lilypad. But the list is growing all of the time. They can be purchased together or collected over a period of time, in the old tradition of charm bracelets.

Which creatures are you going to choose for your charm bracelet? Gardener’s favourites? Tropical Creatures? The misunderstood underdogs?

To fall a little bit more in love with our lovely mini beasts, check out BugLife.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Maker’s Mark


Charms vary from 10mm to 35mm in length

Shipping information

Free UK delivery.

I send all items by registered mail to ensure that they are delivered safely.

Order leadtimes

I aim to keep a small stock of each item, including popular sizes, at all times. Should an item be out of stock or made to order, order leadtime is normally 3-4 weeks.

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