Cheese Plant Leaf Charm


These mini leaves were modelled on commission, as part of a design for cufflinks, and were the perfect addition to my range of jewellery.

The cheese plant leaf charm is normally included with the charm bracelet, as I use it to hold the hallmark – but it can be bought separately.


Inspiration for the Cheese Plant Leaf Charm

When I modelled my first creature in wax, my original intention had been to start my jewellery collection with frogs and lilypads. Apart from ducks, they are my all time favourite creatures. However I was wooed by the most fabulous picture of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. But what was I to do with the frogs and lilypads idea? I’m not sure whether a tree frog would ever come across a lilypad in it’s lifetime. So I had to look for a different idea. It had to be a tropical leaf – and what better leaf to pick than that of the Monstera Deliciosa or Cheese Plant. When I was a child, we had an enormous one which grew the entire width of a rather large dining room. It came to a rather sad end (related to my pet cat Jerry) – but my love of these architectural leaves began there. And hence this Cheese Plant Leaf Charm.

This miniature model of my larger cheese plant leaf was originally modelled for a pair of  Tree Frog cufflinks. It didn’t feel right to put a nondescript back on them. And the shape of this wonderful leaf fitted the bill perfectly.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark (unless bought with charm bracelet)


The leaves measure 12mm wide by 20mm high

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Free UK delivery.

I send all items by registered mail to ensure that they are delivered safely.

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