Earwig Earrings (drop or stud)


The humble earwig is perhaps an unconventional subject matter for jewellery and mention of them usually attracts an “Ew!” rather than an “Aah!”. However, when transformed into silver, this little chap has plenty of charm, whether as an ornament, charm or quirky earrings.

Why not pair your earwig with it’s favourite shelter, the ivy leaf, for a more nature-inspired choice? Or even with a nice juicy apple? – After all, they are the guardians of the apple orchard.


Inspiration for my Earwig Earrings

It might never have occurred to me that earwigs were the perfect subject for jewellery, were it not for a fortunate conversation. At my regular arty street market, Best of Faversham, I do much more chatting about weird creatures than trying to sell jewellery! One such conversation happened to be with a topfruit agronomist*, who had an unusual respect for earwigs. Having spent my childhood picking apples in my family’s orchard and sticking fingers into unseen earwiggy crevaces, I had to ask why. He explained how they are vital for pest control in apple orchards and how, despite appearances, they are very maternal. My misgivings for these quirky beasts instantly gave way to admiration – and I leapt at the chance to model one. And so my earwig earrings were born (or earwig earwings, as I like to call them!).

So now, when my topfruit argonomist is presiding over his apple competitions, he has his little silver earwig lapel pin to help him. And, for me, it is genuinely the piece that brings the biggest smile to my face when someone buys one. A kindred fascination with the bizarre, maybe?

*Specialist in fruit grown from trees, e.g. apples, pears, etc.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


27mm x 10mm approx. Overall drop length is 38mm

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