Frog and Lilypad Ring


Amongst my earliest sketches of jewellery ideas, long before I knew how to make them, were frogs and lilypads. And I still long for real frogs to move into my garden pond…

This ring, depicting a miniature common frog sitting on a lilypad, is now one of my most popular rings. Comfortable enough to wear all day, every day – and oh so cute!


INSPIRATION for my Frog and Lilypad Ring.

Some of my earliest sketchings, as a child, were of frogs. They always made me smile and I was itching to sculpt the archetypal common frog sitting on a lilypad. For a while, the wonderful shape of the tree frog diverted my attention. My tree frogs became so popular that I have now modelled them in all shapes and sizes, from tiny earrings to statement necklaces. A fortunate meeting led me back to my original love, the common frog, and to my frog and lilypad ring. Here is the story:

I met a lady, in Belgium, called Anna, who asked me to make a miniature common frog for her daughter. She had been given a small frog long ago, during a visit to Japan. The person who gave it to her explained about the Japanese Lucky Frog: “Frog” and “Return” being the same word in Japanese, travellers are often given a Lucky Frog to safeguard their return home. A variation to this is putting a little frog in your wallet and, as superstition would have it, the little frog ensures that any money leaving the wallet will eventually find its way back again. She has carried that little frog, now barely recognisable, in her wallet now for more than 30 years – and my miniature model of the common frog means that her daughter is now able to carry on that tradition.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



Frog: 9 mm x 6 mm x 12 mm

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