Moorish Gecko Bracelet


Sterling silver gecko bracelet, based on the Moorish or Crocodile Gecko. It is mounted on a sterling silver chain and is typically made to a length of 6.5″.

Should you require a different length of chain, or prefer an alternative clasp, please confirm the details when ordering.


Inspiration for the Gecko Bracelet

Having added chameleons and green crested lizards to my collection very early on , I soon discovered that people are rather particular about their lizards – hence this gecko bracelet! Holidays in hotter climes have developed, in many people, a sweet spot reserved for geckos and salamanders. The moorish gecko is a common wall gecko native to the western Mediterranean.

So it was not at all a surprise when I was asked to make a gecko pendant for an extra special Christmas present. I chose the moorish gecko due to it’s lovely bumpy skin and its endearing crocodile-like grin. In fact the moorish gecko is also called the crocodile gecko.

Bracelets are a relatively new addition to my collection. And the gecko bracelet was one of the first – the cute gecko being an obvious shape and size for a simple bracelet.

If you’re rather goofy about geckos (I’ve met lots that are!), it pairs rather well with my gecko ring.

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Sterling Silver

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The gecko measures 40mm x 22mm. The chain length is 6.5″ but a different length can be requested.

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