Common Green Grasshopper Ornament


Capable of jumping 20 times its body length, the grasshopper is a complex and fascinating creature. This Grasshopper Ornament is based on the Common Green Grasshopper (Omocestus viridulus), and was modelled by hand.

This is a detailed 3-dimentional model, showing in beautiful detail the complexities and beauty of this childhood sweetheart of an insect.


Inspiration for my Grasshopper Ornament

Grasshoppers were one of those creatures that absolutely fascinated me as a child… though I rarely stayed still for long enough to observe one before it pinged off into the distance. This ornament is based on the Common Green Grasshopper (Omocestus viridulus)… so the same species that has held my attention for so long. The grasshopper measures 31mm – so slightly bigger than it is in reality (14-23mm).

Grasshoppers belong to the same family as locusts, crickets and katydids. In fact, I met my first katydid recently in South Africa – and very impressive she was too. A truly enormous insect carefully laying her eggs in the sand at the edge of the road. But my heart belongs with the good old British grasshopper. Apparently, as well as the 2 eyes I’ve modelled here, they also have 3 more placed around the antennae. I didn’t model those! Their ears are also in their abdomen, rather than on their head. I didn’t model those either! Far too fiddly.

He might not be as much of an attention-seeker as my Praying Mantis Ornament – but he ouzes personality!

And a final fact: Grasshoppers are considered as symbols of good luck in Japan. So, if you need a bit of extra luck, maybe this grasshopper ornament is for you!

What my customers say:

As a new piece, there are no testimonials yet for this ornament. But he does regularly get lots of Oohs and Aahs at my shows.


Sterling Silver

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31mm long

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