Hummingbird Pendant


There is something magical about hummingbirds. Whether it’s their tiny size, magnificent colours or pure speed and agility, they hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

This pendant was based on the stunningly beautiful Violet-Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird and I was thrilled, recently, when a hummingbird expert correctly identified the exact variety from my model. I must be doing something right!



I was commissioned to model a hummingbird pendant by a mother wishing to commemorate the first anniversary of a brave decision that had transformed her daughter’s life. ‘Hummingbird’ was the nickname she had given her daughter and this little bird was to symbolise the strength, determination and courage that her daughter had shown in her attempts to turn her life around. I felt honoured by the commission but was somewhat nervous about it all the same.

In choosing my subject, the Violet-Crowned Woodnymph hummingbird stood out – and not only for its fabulous name! It’s unusually long, elegant wings and beak length set it apart from other species in its suitability to model in silver. And the bold crown was a feature I felt I could accentuate in order to capture the impact that this incredible bird has in reality.

Shortly after I finished modelling it, I had the incredible coincidence of meeting a hummingbird expert at one of my shows. I was amazed (and relieved) when he correctly identified the species. But, to this day, I regret asking him for an honest appraisal of my model. Secretly I think he liked it… I hope you do too.

What my customers say:

“Hello! Just arrived – and it is so beautiful. My new favourite piece. Thank you. I can’t wait to show him off.”

Nicky – Basingstoke, UK (re. Violet-Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird Pendant)

N.B. This comment is particularly flattering as Nicky is one of my biggest collectors and has most, if not all of my major pieces.



Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



55 mm x 80 mm

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