Ivy Leaf Pendant


Though often a pest for gardeners, ivy is a well-loved member of the plant family and makes the perfect subject for delicate jewellery.

As a pendant, it hangs mid-stem in order to retain the integrity of this beautiful leaf.



Inspiration for my Ivy Leaf Pendant

The original ivy leaf was made as a commission piece to commerate a lady called Ivy, the mother of one of my regular customers. In her house, the little ivy leaf accompanies my hedgehog ornament – a pairing which I too have adopted. It was one of those subjects that I probably wouldn’t have thought of without my customer prompting me. However, you will notice that many of my product photos feature ivy in some way. And it is such a suitable leaf to accompany many of my subjects. So, from that initial tiny leaf came a range of ivy themed items, including this ivy leaf pendant.

We are lucky enough to have a typical cottage garden, full of flowers. And I like mine a little on the wild side. So I let the ivy wander freely through my garden – until such time as I feel it’s taking liberties. And then I give it the gardening equivalent of a crew cut! But then I love watching it grow back – such tiny delicate little leaves. It is a particularly suitable model in my collection – having a range of insects that love its dark, damp protection, particularly my earwigs!


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


The ivy leaf itself measures 15mm wide by 14mm long.

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