Green Crested Lizard Earrings (drop)


Sterling Silver Lizard Earrings, based on the Green Crested Lizard. A popular choice is to pair one lizard earring with the similarly sized gecko earring.

Mounted on sterling silver wires. Please note that the matching lizard earrings are not a symmetrical (opposing) pair but are the same lizard on both earrings.


Inspiration for the Green Crested Lizard Earrings

For many years before I even vaguely knew anything about silversmithing, I have kept a jewellery design notebook. Alongside frogs, lizards were amongt the first entries and so lizard jewellery was inevitable. These lizard earrings are one of the latest additions to my growing lizard family.

When making my original Green Crested Lizard, I set out intending to model the lovely smooth, curvy common garden lizard. But my attention was captured by the wonderfully charismatic head and crest of the Green Crested Lizard, with his throat pouch and his somewhat stiff and angular body. The photo that had captured my imagination was of one clinging precariously to a rock in the perfect jewellery pose. But it took a few iterations, in the form of a lizard ornament, to get the model right. The large lizard pendant has been a great success and inspired other lizards (geckos, newts, ) to be added to the collection. And then a customer came along wanting a pair of over-sized lizard cuff-links – and my attention was pulled back to the wonderful green crested lizard.

These lizard earrings are the result. And, together with the gecko earrings, are attracting quite a bit of attention for themselves.

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