Mermaid’s Purse Pendant with Baby Shark


This Mermaid’s Purse Pendant is based on Nursehound Catshark egg case and features a baby shark. This pendant is reversible and can be worn with the shark hidden from view or facing outwards. The baby shark is fixed within the egg case, but is shown next to the egg case in some photos to show the detailmore clearly.

If you’re a bit of a marine-life lover, this pendant looks great accompanied by my Octopus Ring, or a pair of Turtle Earrings


Inspiration for my Mermaid’s Purse Pendant

This Mermaids Purse pendant is modelled on the Nursehound Catshark egg case (also known as the Cat Shark or Bull Huss). If you want to know more about these Sharks click here. The pendant features a baby shark in its egg case and is reversible, so that it can be worn with the shark hidden against your chest, or facing outwards.

I don’t know whether it is the name or the fabulous form – but a Mermaid’s Purse Pendant was one of my earliest designs in my jewellery design sketchbook. I love the simplicity of the wonderfully smooth case, complemented by the mass of curly tendrils coming off all corners. And more than anything, I love the fact that it is a real egg, with a real baby shark encased within. In fact, if you google mermaid’s purse, you can find some very cool photos where you can see the shark still within the egg.

Surprisingly, it was also one of the last sketches from my book to make it into a finished piece. For me it had to be perfect – and that necessitated a wait until I felt I had the skills to do it justice. Finally in 2021 I decided to make a range of sea creature jewellery and the mermaid’s purse had to be the centrepiece of the collection. So I finally pushed myself to complete this pendant. I hope you love it. I wear mine on a long 24″ chain and it is great over winter jumpers or plain tops. You can also wear it as a short pendant.



Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



84mm Long x 32mm Wide

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