Mini Dragonfly Pendant


This Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly pendant is modelled on what must be amongst the best loved and most artistically reproduced forms of the insect world. It is easy to see why – especially when considering their often vibrant colours. But I was captivated by their shape – and the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly was the ideal candidate to be celebrated in silver.




Inspiration for my Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Pendant

My original Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Pendant has been a popular member of my jewellery family. So I wasn’t surprised when a customer wished me to create a pair of matching dragonfly earrings. However, I was a bit nervous! Capturing their magic in a full-size model is one thing. But doing it in miniature was quite another. I was fortunate that, in seeking a suitable model for my large dragonfly, I had fallen for the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly. It’s beautifully scallopped abdomen works so well in silver. And, even in miniature, this feature gives the piece real depth.

This customers request has allowed me to offer the Dragonfly as a mini pendant.

The original inspiration for my dragonflies was simply that I had been asked so many times to make one! I naturally veer away from subject matters which are highly popular already in jewellery. So I approached this subject matter with quite some trepidation. However, I have developed a weakness for modelling endangered species – especially when they are native to the UK. And the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly was the ideal candidate. Now restricted to parts of Scotland and the south east of England, it is the most beautiful dark metallic emerald colour with apple green eyes.

Learn more about the Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly here.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


Dragonflies have an 18mm wingspan and 15mm high.

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