Green Sea Turtle Pendant (mini)


The mini Green Sea Turtle was originally modelled for earrings to accompany my statement turtle pendant.

As a pendant, its setting aims to capture, in miniature, the grace with which these creatures glide through the seas.


Inspiration for my mini Turtle Pendant

This mini Turtle Pendant was originally modelled on the majestic Green Sea Turtle as a a set of earrings to match my large Turtle Pendant. It was commissioned in commemoration of a 20th wedding anniversary for a couple for whom the “serene, yet stately” sea turtle held a special place in their hearts. Here is it in their own words:

What my customers say:

“He/she/it/they arrived! All safe and sound. Thank you so much! I’ve only had a quick peek at them (in the loo!) but they look better than I imagined they could. Really fantastic. I’m very confident [she] is going to love them. Sorry about picking your busiest time of year. Next time I’ll try and give you more notice. I’m happy that you seem to have enjoyed making them too. I was a bit nervous suggesting something to you as I guess artists usually discover their own inspiration for the next piece.

Why did I pick the turtle? There are a lot of them in the Turkish Mediterranean waters and they nest on a lot of the beaches we’ve visited in southern Turkey. We saw them from boat trips on our first and subsequent holidays together and [she] is always excited to see them.

They are certainly one of her favourite animals. Plus I find them a serene yet stately animal to watch. I was lucky enough to swim in a pool with up to 100 of them out in Galapagos once. Rarely have I felt more relaxed and content with my lot, if you get what I mean? …”

Chris – Devon, UK (re. Green Sea Turtle Pendant and matching earrings)



Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


The small turtle measures 21mm x 17mm x 5mm approx.

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