Moorish Gecko Ring


My love of reptile and amphibians is clearly established in my collection – but it wouldn’t be complete without a gecko.

This Gecko Ring, modelled on the moorish or crocodile gecko, appears to cling to you with its characteristic, soft padded feet, while his stripey tail coils around your finger.

It is nicely paired with the gecko pendant or one of its favourite meals … the House Fly Earrings.



INSPIRATION for my Gecko Ring

My original gecko was commissioned as a pendant in gold. The gentleman requested a pendant of a certain size – but my love of larger jewellery led me to be a bit cheeky and make my initial model slightly bigger. When I showed him the semi-finished model, he absolutely loved it – but felt it was a bit too big. So I dutifully made a smaller one which he was thrilled with. So, when approached by a lady wishing to commission a gecko ring for her sister’s 50th at somewhat short notice, fortune smiled down. The larger model that I had initially made happened to be exactly the right size to transform into a ring – and so the lady had the perfect present for her sister just when she needed it.

What my customers say:

“Thank you so much for the gecko ring and getting it done in time! I was able to give it to my sister on her birthday and she was a bit speechless. She really admired the detailed work, and I think she loved it!

I thought it was an amazing piece of work – cute, but not remotely twee. It captured the little critter’s spirit, and was beautifully crafted. 

Thank you again from a delighted customer,”

Sarah, Hampshire (the lady who commissioned the original gecko ring)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



The length of the gecko’s body is approx. 35mm, excluding tail, and the length from right leg to left hand is 29mm

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