Moth Pendant – Belted Beauty


This Moth Necklace is modelled on the Belted Beauty Moth which only occurs in a few areas of the UK.

Cast in sterling silver, it is available in three different chain lengths.


Inspiration for my Belted Beauty Moth Pendant

I was inspired to model this Belted Beauty Moth following an enquiry for a smaller version of my Sussex Emerald Moth Pendant. As a result I researched other species of British Moth and stumbled upon the Belted Beauty (Lycia Zonaria).

Similarly to the Sussex Emerald, this is a highly localised species in the UK. It lives on sand hills and salt marshes in a few scattered localities, in North Wales, North England and Scotland. Interestingly, the female moths are wingless, however the males have wings and fly in March and April (I guess mine is a man then). The larvae feed on low growing plants such as willow and burnet rose.

Therefore, this moth pendant has great features in common with my other moths, such as feathery antennae and mix of subtle and striking markings.

Learn more about Belted Beauty Moths here

What my Customers say:

“Thank you for this beautiful moth. I love you. You are a real artist” – Ingrid


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



24mm W x 20mm L x 8mm D

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