Orb Weaver Spider Pendant


This Orb Weaver Spider pendant is modelled on a spider I found in this pose in my garden.

Cast in sterling silver, I make this as a simple spider on a chain, or a spider hanging from a web, or a pair of earrings.


Inspiration for my Orb Weaver Spider Pendant

Spiders were always going to have a place in my collection. I happened to find an Orb Weaver Spider in exactly this pose, and that was it, I had found my model.

Spiders have always scared me. However, I remember a nature programme where an expert admitted his spider fascination stemmed from a desire to quell his own phobia. Similarly, to overcome my own phobia.

Once I had finished this Spider I couldn’t resist making a set of earrings and a version with a web it hangs from!


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



The spider is 38mm x 13 mm

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