Pill Woodlouse Pendant


This Sterling Silver Woodlouse Double Pendant is based on the Pill Woodlouse – more familiarly known as the roly-poly or doodlebug. It is sold as a necklace with 2 pendants: one walking woodlouse and one curled into a ball. The pendants can be worn separately.

Why not accompany this pendant with one of my rings , the frog and lilypad ring, receives a great deal of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” at my shows.


Inspiration for my Woodlouse Pendant
My woodlice were originally modelled as earrings for the daughter of a very good customer of mine. She felt it was just as important to have the curled woodlouse as well as the walking one. I agree completely. She had a particular fondness for the Pill Woodlouse … or Roly-Poly… or Doodlebug as they are also known. Apparently her love of  woodlice is more common than you would have thought, going by the initial reaction to my woodlouse earrings. Having just modelled my slugs and snails, a woodlouse was a natural addition to my range. In fact, ever since I modelled the Yellow-Tailed Scorpion, and learnt that their main foodsource was woodlice, I have always wanted to model one.

They are sold as a double pendant: one walking woodlouse and one curled into a ball. They can be worn as separate pendants… but then they might get lonely!

The woodlice are also available as earrings, lapel pins or ornaments

Learn more about the Woodlouse here: The Wildlife Trust

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Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


Woodlouse is 10mm x 5mm and Curled dia 5mm

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