Pipistrelle Bat Ornament (large)


I have always found bats to be the most magical of creatures. And we are fortunate to have them fluttering around our house at dusk each night. This design is based on a marvellous photo (by Gav Sidey) of a pipistrelle poised for flight.

It is the larger of my bat ornaments and loves to be paired with some nourishing insects for sustenance!

**Photos show the pendant version of the ornament, which is identical except for the loops which hold the chain. These are not present on the ornament version.


Inspiration for my Pipistrelle Bat

I have always wanted to model a bat. But it wasn’t until we found one temporarily roosting in our upstairs corridor, shortly followed by a customer asking if I would make her a pipistrelle bat ornament, that I finally realised the time was right. My original commission piece was of a pipistrelle sitting with it’s wings tucked in (seem my pipistrelle bat ornament). I was itching to model one with the wings out but struggled with the design of one in full flight which would also work as a necklace. That was until I spotted Gav Sidey‘s photo of one poised for flight, with its wings in a lovely loose W shape.

My original bat, with wings tucked, was nicknamed “Nora” after a TV character from my childhood (Nora Batty). As this model shares the same head and body, should it be Nora – or Nora’s identical sister Nelly? I’m not sure.

I do still have a bat on my To Do list. The one that set up home in my upstairs corridor was a brown long-eared bat. And did you know that, when they sleep, they curl their ears up? He was absolutely adorable. And the experience of sitting on the floor of my daughter’s bedroom at dusk, watching it fly around seeking the open window (which it sadly found all too quickly), was truly magical.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



Wingspan 73mm, Nose to Toes 39mm

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