Praying Mantis Pendant


The praying mantis is one of life’s utterly fascinating creatures and the legendary relationship between the female and male only adds to this. So of course she belongs in my collection!

This is one of two designs for the Praying Mantis: the pendant version, which hangs vertically and has a removable chain; and the Praying Mantis Necklace which hangs horizontally from a fixed chain.


Inspiration for my Praying Mantis Pendant

My father has been asking me to make him a praying mantis ornament from the moment that I finished my stag beetle. It was a two year wait, but he finally has his model of a European Praying Mantis proudly sitting on his dressing table.

Convinced that a praying mantis pendant (and have a look at the alternate praying mantis necklace) could be simply the coolest piece of jewellery ever, I set out to work out the best design. Long gangly legs are not so practical when designing jewellery and so the leaf became an integral part of the design.

Modelling the prayting mantis brought about one of my favourite stories. While modelling the mantis, I shared a few snaps of it in its embryonic state. One of my customers, who happened to live not too far away from me, contacted me offering to lend me her son’s deceased praying mantis pet! Once I got over the shock, my answer was, of course, “Yes!”. She was really useful in being able to look carefully at a real creature, rather than imagining how she is from photographs. And she also accompanied me to the RHS Wisley Spring Fair that year.

The mantis model is approximately life-sized.

What my customers say:

“I was wearing the praying mantis necklace I bought from you at Chelsea yesterday on the Underground today.  There was a young couple sitting opposite me and when they stood up to leave the young man leant over and said “I love your necklace, by the way”.  I was very chuffed.  Women of a certain age are largely invisible, but the necklace obviously not!”

Kathleen – London, UK   (re. European Praying Mantis Pendant)



Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



85mm x 50mm (approx)

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