Queen Bumblebee Ring


This ring is modelled on the magnificent Queen Buff-Tailed Bumblebee. The bee itself is fully modelled in all dimensions and is mounted on a wide, leaf-design band.

Bumblebees and oxeye daisies are a very prominent feature in my garden – and so also in my jewellery collection. So this piece can be paired with mixed bee and daisy earrings, large daisy pendants or even cufflinks.


Inspiration for my Queen Bumblebee Ring

It is strange to look back now and think that bees almost didn’t make it onto my To Do Jewellery List at all. Least of all a Queen Bumblebee Ring. Having stepped cautiously into the bee jewellery arena with my miniature bees, I immediately started getting requests for a bee ring. That was the first time I contemplated doing a full size Queen Bee. But I wasn’t brave enough, fearing that the larger model would be crude in some way. However, literally the moment I put down my wax modelling tool after finishing the Bee and Daisy Ring, I went outside to find two glorious Queen Bees on my washing. They had won their place on my list!

I chose to model the largest of our bees, the Queen Buff-Tailed Bumblebee, and to model her to scale. I was fortunate, when modelling her, to have been given a dead one which my children had found in the garden. Once I had finished the model of the queen bee, I was determined to make a Queen Bumblebee Ring. It was Open Studios, which I was doing at my friend Nikki‘s studio. So Nikki and I sat there in the sunshine, balancing the bee ornament on our fingers and raiding her beautiful flowers for their leaves to find a suitable candidate upon which to model the band. It was a very pleasant design process!

What my customers say:

“Hello Emma, I’ve just got my Queen Bee ring , she is absolutely exquisite, l love her soon much. The fit is perfect…”

Linda, Middlesex, UK


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



23 x 16 x 24 mm (approx)

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