European Rhinoceros Beetle Pendant


Rhinoceros Beetles present a striking figure, with their impressive horns and dark, glossy backs, which reflect the light like a mirror.

This imposing insect has a strong personality and its solid, symmetrical shape is particularly stunning in silver.


Inspiration for my European Rhinoceros Beetle Pendant

My love of modelling beetles started with my dad badgering me to sculpt him a Stag Beetle, which resulted in my surprisingly popular Stag Beetle Pendant (called Stanley). My husband then bought me a book of 800 amazing beetles and that was it – I was hooked! The prompt for the rhino beetle again came from my dad – but which type should I choose? Although my dad obviously wanted an ornament, my jewellery passion meant that the species had to be right for a rhinoceros beetle pendant. And some would have been absolutely lethal to wear!

I love the fact that the European Rhinoceros Beetle is a little understated, but at the same time has real character. I admit it was a bit of a demon to model – as I struggled to envisage the actual contours of the head from photographs. But it was worth the struggle. Once finished, seeing as my stag beetle was Stanley, I asked my children what my rhino beetle should be called. My young son suggested “Bob” – it wasn’t what I had in mind but it made me laugh – so the one I wear is called Bob!

What my customers say:

“What can I say, its completely amazing, I absolutely  love it, its huge which is fantastic  and totally me.

Thank you for being so clever.”

Martha – Bristol, UK   (re. European Rhinoceros Beetle Pendant)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



He measures 53mm by 44mm at his widest points.

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