Weedy Seadragon Pendant


On researching seahorses for a commission, I stumbled upon – and was immediately captivated by – an image of the weedy seadragon. Charismatic, graceful but also slightly comical, it was not difficult to convince my client that this would make the most marvellous subject for their pendant.

They also have the sweetest of babies – and so this may well become the subject of matching earrings. I’ll keep you posted!




Inspiration for the Weedy Seadragon…

Since the moment that I learned to wax model, I have had a long list of sea creatures that I felt belonged in my collection. Seahorses were, of course, amongst them. However, due to their obvious charisma and the possibility of making a cast directly from a seahorse’s dried body (which is not a technique I use) – they have always been very well represented in jewellery. And so, me being me, I’ve avoided them! My limited knowledge of sealife meant that a weedy seadragon pendant was not on my list. But researching seahorses for a commission lead me to this marvellous creature – and I admit I spent quite a bit of “research time” watching videos of them gracefully dancing in the seas or tumbling in the current like seaweed.

Real weedys are found in the waters around Australia and can grow up to 45cm in length. They feed on small crustaceans and zooplankton which they suck into their tube-like snouts.

I felt that, in modelling the weedy seadragon pendant, it was important for the chain loops to be integrated into the piece. Therefore one paddle on the back of the head has been made into one loop, and the chain passes through a second loop between the 2 projections on its back. In this way, it hangs much as it would when moving about the seaweed.

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Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



75mm long x 60mm wide x 10mm deep approx.

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