Shieldbug Earrings (drop or stud)


The Bronze Shieldbug presents an attractive subject – it’s tiny, satisfyingly symmetrical form works perfectly in silver.

This little chap is life size and the perfect size for stud earrings – or put it in its natural context by pairing it with the horse chestnut leaf.


Inspiration for the Shieldbug Earrings

The original shieldbug was modelled as an ornament for a collector of life-sized insect ornaments. She had a particular fascination for shieldbugs – so I duly modelled one for her. In researching the piece, I discovered that there are an amazing array of shieldbugs – or stink bugs as they are also known. I chose as my subject the Bronze Shieldbug for it’s more rounded abdomen with  speckled-type markings around the base. They make really nice subjects for jewellery for nature-lovers, and hence these shieldbug earrings. Once finished, I realised the depth of affection felt for this strange creatures – particularly gardeners. I have even found several people on Instagram focussed solely on shieldbugs!

Shortly after completing it, I was rewarded for my efforts by a visit from the more common green shieldbug. While camping, one dropped onto our tent from a conker tree and appeared in no hurry to leave. That is why I pair my shieldbug earrings with horse chestnuts. What was fascinating was that when you placed a finger close to the shieldbug, it tipped its shield towards your finger by way of defence.

What my customers say:

“Just wanted to let you know my shield bug earrings have landed safely in Shetland! I love them, they’re even prettier than I’d expected.”

Lucinda – Shetland Isles, UK (- re. Shieldbug Stud Earrings)



Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


15mm from head to the tip of the shield

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