Pipistrelle Bat Ornament (small)


The common pipistrelle is the most common species in the British Isles – the one you will most likely have seen fluttering around your head as dusk falls.

This model is cast in sterling silver and is hallmarked. It depicts the bat in a sitting position with the wings largely folded – but giving an inkling of those amazing wings that they can tuck so neatly underneath that you almost don’t see them.



Inspiration for my Pipistrelle Bat Ornament

I have always wanted to model a bat. But it wasn’t until we found one hanging from the rafters in our house, shortly followed by a customer asking if I would make her a pipistrelle bat ornament, that I finally realised the time was right.

Modelling from photographs (mainly found on the internet), I was extremely fortunate to discover an amazing series of images by photographer Gav Sidey. Taken of a single pipistrelle bat, they enabled me to see an almost complete 3-dimesional image of what is actually quite a complicated shape. In fact, I fell in love with one of his photos so completely that, once I finished this bat ornament, I remodelled her with the wings semi-extended.

Having been a childhood fan of “Last of the Summer Wine”, my personal bat is called Nora (Batty)!

However, I do still have a bat on my To Do list: the brown long-eared bat from my upstairs corridor. When they sleep, they curl their ears up, which was absolutely adorable. And the experience of sitting on the floor of my daughter’s bedroom at dusk, watching it fly around seeking the open window (which it sadly found all too quickly), was truly magical.

What my customers say:

The piece arrived today. It’s beautiful! I couldn’t love it more. I’ve decided to name him “Emmett” after Lou Diamond Phillips intrepid sheriff in the relentlessly mediocre 1999 movie “Bats,” and as a bit of a tip of the hat to his creator. Honestly, I’m thrilled. Thank you, Emma!”

Bill – Washington, USA (re. Pipistrelle Bat Pendant)*

*This is the same model as the ornament presented here.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



Approx 35 mm x 44 mm x 14 mm

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