Smooth Newt Ornament


Newts take me straight back to my childhood, remembering the anticipation I felt when lifting up rocks in the garden, and the excitement when actually finding one. So I was delighted when asked to model an ornament of a female smooth newt- but somewhat nervous in case I didn’t capture their simple magic.

This ornament is cast in sterling silver and is hallmarked. It is based on the female smooth newt, or common newt, during her terrestrial stage (see Inspiration). As the newts are quite simple in their shape, in modelling her it was necessary to slightly exaggerate her features in order to ensure that she looked the part. I hope that I have succeeded.



Inspiration for the Smooth Newt Ornament

This Smooth Newt Ornament was originally made as part of a commemorative collection to mark a long and happy marriage where nature played an important role. A female smooth newt had taken residence in their garden pond and obviously captured the hearts of this happy couple.

Initially I found the modelling a real challenge. I simply couldn’t make out the exact shape of the tail from the range of photographs I had found. Finally the penny dropped! I had forgotten that the newts pass through various stages (aquious, terrestrial) in which they change shape slightly – particularly their tails. This is the female smooth newt in her “terrestrial” stage – modelled thanks to a wonderful video on one crawling across someone’s hand. Her amazing concertina tail became my favourite feature!

Since modelling my newt ornament, I have spotted more and more (real!) smooth newts in and around my garden. It is certainly a model where I had to slightly accentuate her features in order to capture the essence of this elusive creature. So when I do spot one in the garden, I try not to look too closely for fear of judging my own model too harshly!

While it started life as an ornament – me being me – I couldn’t resist attempting an newt necklace. Initially worrying she was a bit too plain to be transformed into jewellery, she’s become one of my ‘go to’ necklaces.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



65mm x 35mm

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