Girdled Snail Lapel Pin


This Sterling Silver Girdled Snail Lapel Pin was originally modelled as a perfect partner for my silver slug earrings. After all, who doesn’t want a pair of slug and snail earrings?! This is the lapel pin version of the same model.

If you’re a brooch fan, who not accompany this snail with a Stag Beetle Brooch – or indeed the original pairing of the slug lapel pin?


Inspiration for my Girdled Snail Lapel Pin

This little Snail Lapel Pin is modelled on the common garden girdled snail, as a companion to my Slug Earrings (Slug Earrings – Sterling Silver Studs – Emma Keating Jewellery). A very good customer of mine approached me asking could she commission a pair of Slug Earrings for her daughter – a lover of all things creepy crawlie, but particularly slug. In fact, she calls herself the Slug and Snail Appreciation Society on Instagram (Go on – google her! – she really changed my opinion of slugs in particular.) Having modelled my slugs, I couldn’t resist adding a snail to her earring options. I am pleased to report that they were rather well received!.

Of course, once I’d finished the original earring version, little by little the lapel pin, pendant, charm versions started to emerge. After all – who doesn’t love a little snail?

One of these days I shall get brave and model the magnificent common garden snail. I just can’t decide for the minute whether it should be a ring, bracelet or what. Watch this space!

Learn more about Girdled Snails here: Garden Snail | How Do Snails Reproduce & Other Snail Facts – The RSPB / Snails / RHS Gardening

To see my Slug Earrings click here: Slug Earrings – Sterling Silver Studs – Emma Keating Jewellery


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


22 mm x 12 mm

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