Stag Beetle Ring (female)


Female Stag Beetles may be less showy than their male counterparts, but they are still glorious in their own right.

…And they are the perfect size and shape to be celebrated in ring form.  The ring (also known as Stanley’s girlfriend) is sized to fit and makes the perfect partner for my Stag Beetle pendant (mine’s called Stanley).



Inspiration for my Female Stag Beetle Ring

The moment my father saw my very first creation, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, he asked me to make him a silver stag beetle. Ever since I can remember, he has had a beautiful model of a stag beetle made of sheet metal and silver plated. Having grown up with this model, I hesitated at attempting my own – wanting to wait until my modelling skills were able to do it real justice. My stag beetle pendant (known as Stanley) has now become one of my most recognised pieces – so I guess I succeeded! So from that moment on, a stag beetle ring was inevitable.

I tried balancing Stanley on my hand to see if he would work well as a ring. He would – but you’d probably need to carry a safety warning with you too. The female, on the other hand, is more demure – but makes a fantastic model for a ring. I wear mine with my bee and daisy ring – and I call it my “English Country Garden Hand”!

I have a wonderful book packed full of beetles (The Book of Beetles by Patrice Bouchard). Beetles make up a quarter of the worlds creatures with over 400,000 known species. They are such amazing shapes and colours that I would never tire of recreating these amazing creatures in silver. So it will probably not be long before another beetle crawls its way into my collection…


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



40mm x 20mm (approx)

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