Stag Beetle Pendant


Stag beetles are glorious creatures and I would be beyond excited if I were lucky enough to find one in my garden.

Modelled as an ornament to the scale of the real beetle, I couldn’t resist transforming him into a necklace. (Mine is called Stanley and I wear him all the time.)

While the real beetles don’t themselves eat while in their beetle form, I like to pair my stag beetle with earwig earrings or fly earrings – imagining that, if they could eat, a nice crunchy earwig might be just up his street!


Inspiration for my Stag Beetle

The moment my father saw my very first creation, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, he asked me to make him a silver stag beetle. Ever since I can remember, he has had a beautiful model of a stag beetle made of sheet metal and silver plated. Having grown up with this model, I hesitated at attempting my own – wanting to wait until my modelling skills were able to do it real justice. He has now become one of my most recognised pieces – so I guess I succeeded!

Described by Sir David Attenborough as “most handsome” (he has the ornament version sitting on his desk – see Posts), my stag beetle now enjoys a fair amount of attention.

What my customers say:

“Wow Wow Wow he is so beautiful !!! The photos don’t do your work justice at all. The trouble now is I will have to start saving for another piece.”

Rachel – Norfolk, UK (re. Stag Beetle Pendant)

“I wore Stan for the first time today –  I went to a class at the Open Center here in NYC this evening.  I was a little late and tried to slip in but one of the instructors immediately spotted my fabulous necklace.  She actually had me stand up in front of the class to show them all!  So Stan was a very big hit.  Then toward the end of class she referenced him again.  I got compliments on him at work today, too.

Just wanted you to know that you’re a hit in NYC!”

Stacy – New York, USA (re. Stag Beetle Pendant)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



70mm x 57mm (approx.)

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