Sussex Emerald Moth Brooch


The Sussex Emerald Moth, which boasts delicate speckling along its wings and magnificent, long, feathery feelers.

As a moth which is now unique to Dungeness, I hope by translating it into a beautiful item of jewellery (pendant or brooch) that I have raised it’s profile just a little bit.



Inspiration for my Sussex Emerald Moth

I am always looking for sources of inspiration for my jewellery and this one came in the form of a newsletter entitled “The Shingle Issue”, issued by the Dungerness National Nature Reserve – a place local to us which my family and I love to visit. The Sussex Emerald Moth is a small, pale emerald moth with creamy white markings and dark speckles along the feathery edges of its wings (see Butterfly Conservation for more info).  It is now unique to Dungeness and is being supported by the conservation efforts of organisations such as RSPB Dungeness who, amongst other things, ensure there is a ready supply of wild carrot for it to feed from.

I decided to model it slightly larger than the real Sussex Emerald Moth so that you can really appreciate it’s features. I love it’s feathery antennae and mix of subtle and striking markings.  However I did have to exercise a bit of artistic license in order to achieve the speckled effect on the edges of the wings… As with all of my items, I hope that I have done it justice.

What my customers say:

“I think you’ve very cleverly adapted the materials of the brooch to represent the Sussex Emerald. I think you’ve very successfully captured its essence. Very clever!”

Steve– Butterfly Conservation, UK   (re. Sussex Emerald Moth)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



68mm wide x 35mm deep

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