Red-Eyed Tree Frog Ring (side-facing)


Modelled on the amazing red eyed tree frog, this little guy clings onto your finger – with his front and back right legs forming the band of the ring.

This little frog was modelled to accompany my first wax modelled creature: my large Red-Eyed Tree Frog pendant, affectionately known as Quasimodo.



Inspiration for my Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

I’ve been captivated by Red-Eyed Tree Frogs from the very day I started wax modelling. In searching for a muse for my very first wax model, I fell upon a photo of one in that perfect “jewellery pose”. Quasimodo was the result and from that moment, my jewellery business was born. After making the Red-Eyed Tree Frog Pendant, it quickly became obvious that this was just the start in modelling frogs. This Tree Frog ring was the first of Quasi’s offspring to appear. And he has regularly captivated people ever since.

When modelling, because silver is such a shiny material, I prefer to focus solely on the creature itself. I want people to immediately see and appreciate their beauty. And I don’t want anything to detract from them. Hence my preference for the ultra-plain snake chains and to minimising additional details like foliage. The tree frogs, of course, were a gift in this regard as they have such long legs and wonderful feet that making a ring that solely consisted of frog was easy. So from the top view, he looks ready to crawl off across your hand. But from underneath, you can see that he is really hugging you!

Personally on “Frog Days”, I indulge myself and wear both versions of my Tree Frog Ring on the same hand (see the other design here). Mad as a box of frogs? – maybe!


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



The length of the frog’s body is 22mm, and the distance between knee and opposite toe (back legs) is 30mm

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