Chameleon Pendant by Emma Keating Jewellery

Chameleon Pendant

Chameleons are such fascinating creatures that they became one of the first things that I modelled when I started to learn the lost wax process.

This pendant is an adaptation of my original Chameleon Necklace, focussing purely on the chameleon itself. It hangs from a silver chain which loops around the forearms of the chameleon – hanging either upright or at a slight angle depending on your preference.

Why not pair him up with dinner in the form of  House Fly Earrings? – just select the gift set option and let me know which earrings you would like to receive.

**Please excuse the photos – better ones coming soon!”


When it comes to charismatic animals, chameleons are equal to frogs in sheer aplomb. In my initial research for this piece I was absolutely bowled over by pictures of these amazing creatures and captivated by the wonderful personality that is evident in their fantastic and somewhat eccentric appearance.

The original catalyst, for me, was an image of a baby chameleon clinging precariously to the end of a fine leaf. However, this one is the result of several requests for the chameleon without a leaf.

Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Hallmarked
Overall Dimensions 42 mm x 24 mm
Additional Information The chameleon pendant hangs from a sterling silver snake chain, which is available in lengths of 16", 18" and 20".

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Chameleon Pendant
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