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Ladybird Earrings (stud)

The ladybird is a joy to behold (unless, of course, you’re a greenfly) and even prompts adults to indulge in childhood past-times such as predicting this little insect’s age by counting its black spots. My enthusiasm to accentuate these ‘proud’ spots resulted in something more akin to a pig with acne! Now that I’ve indented them, I’m happy to present my Ladybird Earrings (Stud).


… for the Ladybird Earrings (stud).

Few insects capture the spirit of childhood and carry it all the way through to adulthood as the ladybird. So many requests for this striking little creature – from ladybird stud earrings (and drop) to a ladybird pendant, lapel pin, charm and ornament – could not be excluded from my jewellery collection.


Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Makers' Mark
Overall Dimensions
Additional Information Stud earrings are mounted on sterling silver posts and secured in place with large butterfly clasps

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Ladybird Earrings (stud)

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