madagascan moon moth earrings - emma keating

Madagascan Moon Moth Earrings

These moths are natural works of art in both shape and colour. I modelled them to complement the pendant and brooch.

Whichever piece you prefer, this moth is an eye-catching piece of jewellery that never fails to grab attention.


Everyone knows I have a penchant for the weird and wonderful. The more popular, pretty and colourful are not, generally, on my radar. But I have had so many requests for butterflies that I had to compromise, at least a little, which resulted in the Madagascan Moon Moth Pendant and these glorious earrings to match.

Though much of the appeal of butterflies lies in the intense beauty of their colours, I am more drawn to moths with their ornate tails, large antennae and oversized, furry bodies.

Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Makers' Mark
Overall Dimensions 2.4 cm x 3 cm
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Madagascan Moon Moth Earrings

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