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Pipistrelle Bat Pendant

The pipistrelle is the most common species of bat in the British Isles – the one you will most likely have seen fluttering around your head as dusk falls.

This model is cast in sterling silver and is hallmarked. There are two designs to choose from: the Pipistrelle Bat Pendant, which hangs from his feet and has a removable chain, and the necklace version, which hangs from the hooks on its wings and faces upwards (fixed chain).

This Pipistrelle Bat Pendant would be ideally paired with one of their favourite foods … the fly earrings!




I have always wanted to model a bat, but it wasn’t until we found one hanging from the rafters in our house, shortly followed by a customer asking if I would make her one that I finally realised the time was right.

This piece was made as part of a commemorative display to mark a long and happy marriage, surrounded by nature’s marvels. She approached me about the piece only weeks after me discovering a long-eared brown bat roosting in our upstairs corridor. I waited until dusk to release it and had the truly magical experience of watching it fly silently around the bedroom before discovering the open window and disappearing into the night.



Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Hallmarked
Overall Dimensions Approx 35 mm x 44 mm x 14 mm
Additional Information The pendant version of the pipistrelle bat is mounted on loops underneath the feet, and hangs from a sterling silver snake chain (removable). Available chain lengths are 16", 18" and 20". The necklace version hangs from a sterling silver spiga chain, attached to the bat's hooks on its wing tips. The chain is adjustable between 16" and 20".

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