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Queen Bumblebee Ornament

The bumblebee is a much loved part of my collection of earrings, charms, cufflinks and necklaces – and this Queen Bumblebee Ornament is modelled on the magnificent buff-tailed variety.

She was an ideal candidate for an ornament, a ring and a necklace.


…for my Queen Bumblebee Ornament.

This was inspired by two ladies, who ingratiated themselves on my washing line. I’d been asked by a bee fanatic to design a bee ring to accompany her pair of my bumblebee earrings – and had been toying with the idea of modelling a large Queen-sized bumblebee. I instead opted for my smaller bee sitting on its favourite flower, the oxeye daisy (see Bee & Daisy Ring). I had just completed it, when two buff-tailed queen bumblebees settled themselves on the washing I was busily hanging on the line – and from then on, a full size queen bumble bee was inevitable. Here she is in her full glory!

Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Hallmarked
Overall Dimensions 23 x 16 x 24 mm
Additional Information The Queen Bumblebee Ornament stands, graciously, alone ... or is more than happy in the company of a ladybird, a hedgehog, a frog ...

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Queen Bumblebee Ornament

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