Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant

Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant

The Swallowtail (papilio machaon britannicus) is the largest British butterfly.

More commonly depicted with open wings, I chose a beautiful closed wing model, clinging to a daisy, to fully appreciate the underside markings of the wing.

I recommend my daisy earrings (stud) or drops to complete the set.

Inspiration for the Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant

The Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant joined my jewellery collection much later than planned. A friend had asked me to make her one a long time ago, but as you all know by now, my penchant for the weird, wonderful (and sometimes downright creepy) kept this dainty addition way down my hit-list. Luckily for my friend (and our friendship!) a recent trip to the Norfolk Broads roused my interest in this particular species, as it just happens to be home to the largest population of Swallowtails in the UK.

With a Madagascan Moon Moth under my belt, was it any great leap into the world of butterflies? Well, yes. There was a very practical reason why a silversmith jeweller might steer clear of butterflies. How would the kaleidoscope of colours translate into monochrome? Were it not for the striking elegance of the Swallowtail’s wing tips, my collection might have forever remained ‘butterfly-less’.


Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Hallmarked
Overall Dimensions
Additional Information Pendant is mounted on a (removable) sterling silver snake chain. Chain lengths are available of 16", 18" or 20". The pendant is normally supplied on an 18" chain. Please let me know if you prefer a different length of chain.

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Swallowtail Pendant
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