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Yellow-Tailed Scorpion Ornament

I have long wanted to model a scorpion: what makes them scary to some, makes them irresistable to others – me included. I love watching different people’s different reactions to my creations – and this little chap invokes some strong responses. Thankfully most people pick him up and say how splendid he is. What will you do?


Whenever I get inspired to create another piece it’s often because the animal I am drawn to is really rather marvellous – perhaps it’s their dramatic personality, or that they are structurally interesting – often both.

Well scorpions have these features in spades. They also glow in the dark, can live for up to a year without food and they are virtually indestructible! How wonderful to find that we have our own wild colony of Yellow-Tailed Scorpions, nicknamed the Sheerness Scorpion, (on which this piece is based) here in Kent!

Material Sterling Silver
Hallmarked or Makers' Mark Hallmarked
Overall Dimensions 45mm x 65mm x 25mm
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Yellow-Tailed Scorpion Ornament

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