Stanley crawls into Vogue!

An account of my first venture into national magazines, from Sept’17…

Today was a very exciting day for me – and one which I could not have vaguely envisioned even 3 years ago when I completed my first day of wax modelling at Lexi Dick’s studio – the result of which was an embryonic model of Quasimodo the Red-Eyed Tree Frog.

The September issue of Vogue UK came out today and so I packed the kids into the car as early as was humanly possible and we rushed off to source as many copies as I could. I may very well have caused a shortage of Vogue magazine in the local area and I wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed to be seen buying 5 copies of the same magazine at the local supermarket. I was just sorry that they lady at the till didn’t ask why!



My first step along this path was, however, slightly more sceptical. Not believing that I would be approached by Vogue, I assumed the initial email to be spam. Thankfully, I was curious enough to check its validity by phoning the London offices of Condé Nast (the publising house for Vogue UK) – and discovered to my astonishment that they were more than happy to include me in their upcoming “Jewellery Designer Profile” advertising feature. I too was more than happy.

And so, having done my first major craft fair in the spring at RHS Wisley, completed my first major website upgrade, and appearing in my first major magazine, 2017 is becoming a year of firsts. I wonder what’s next.