House Fly Earrings (drop or stud)


Perhaps not a typical subject for silver jewellery – but these life size flies make beautiful as well as fun earrings.

I especially like to pair them with the lizard and frog necklaces as a dinner option for them. In fact, they are my “go to” earrings and regularly provide a snack for many of my more frequently worn creatures!



Inspiration for my House Fly Earrings

I’m afraid that these were not inspired by the beauty of the common house fly – but more by the amusing thought that frogs, lizards and chameleons need food and are rather partial to a nice tasty fat fly! The original fly was modelled as a “food target” for my first chameleon necklace, to sit at the top of the leaf about to be grabbed by that amazing sticky tongue. But, once I had the componements for the necklace, I decided I liked the simplicity of it without the fly. So the fly went into my drawer of shame… Until one day when I was bored and looking for something to entertain me. I finally polished up the little fly – only to discover that he worked perfectly on his own. So I made my first pair of fly earrings.

I was thrilled and giggled at the idea of my frogs and lizards finally having a source of food. But when I showed my newly created fly earrings to my husband, he declared: “You’ll never sell those!”. In fact, they were the very first thing that I sold at my very first fair. Can’t remember if I did one of those “Told you so” dances! And “Dinner”, as my fly is affectionately known, has been popular ever since.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


12mm x 12mm x 5mm

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