Large Hedgehog Ornament


A larger version of my very popular Hedgehog Ornament. Like his smaller sibling, he is solid (and therefore heavy) and is cast in sterling silver.


Inspiration for my Large Hedgehog

The original casting of my first hedgehog, the little hedgehog ornament, was modelled to commemorate a little hog named “Millie”. She was overwintering in a friend’s shed. They were both volunteers at the Hedgehog Preservation Society and so a little silver hedgehog was the perfect surprise gift from her to him.

Hedgehogs are interesting creatures to model and I found them technically challenging – especially the smaller one as she was one of my earliest models. There are so many ways that you could end up with it looking like a blob with a snout! So I plumped for one in a nice sitting position, where the beauty of the face could really be appreciated. The spines were the biggest challenge: Firstly in working out how to best represent the spines while keeping the design true to the actual creature; and secondly learning how to persuade wax, which naturally forms smooth curves, to go into sharper spikes.

The large hedgehog presented a new set of challenges as, due to the scale, I had to use a different type of wax which requires carving from a block of wax, as opposed to my preferred method of building the wax model up from scratch.



Sterling Silver

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