Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant


The Swallowtail (papilio machaon britannicus) is the largest British butterfly.

More commonly depicted with open wings, I instead fell in love with a photo of one clinging to a reed with its beautiful wings held slightly ajar. The combination of the unusual wing shape and the stunningly vivid markings on the wings make it, for me, an ideal candidate for a  striking pendant.

The swallowtail hangs from a bale in the form of a daisy – making a pair of matching daisy earrings a must.


Inspiration for the Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant

The Swallowtail Butterfly Pendant was a slightly unplanned addition to my jewellery collection. A friend had asked me to make her a butterfly pendant a long time ago but, as you may know by now, my penchant for the weird, wonderful (and sometimes downright creepy) kept this dainty addition way down my hit-list. Luckily for my friend (and our friendship!) a recent trip to the Norfolk Broads roused my interest in this particular species, as it just happens to be the unique home of the British subspecies of Swallowtail: Papilio machaon ssp. britannicus.

With a Madagascan Moon Moth under my belt, was it any great leap into the world of butterflies? Well, yes. There was a very practical reason why a silversmith jeweller might steer clear of butterflies. How would the kaleidoscope of colours translate into monochrome? Were it not for the elegance of the Swallowtail’s wing tips and the dramatic markings, my collection might have forever remained ‘butterfly-less’.

Another reason for finally giving in to modelling a butterfly was, as is often the case, falling in love with a photo. I found an image of one clinging to a reed, with the wings semi-closed and slightly folded. It won me over. I hope you like the result.

If you’re interested in learning more about this stunning butterfly, you can find more information here at  Butterfly Conservation.



Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:



The total drop length is 60mm, the body measures 25mm long and the wings are 43mm at their widest point

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