Daisy Earrings (drop or stud)


I have a weakness for trying to pair creatures with their favourite foods, flowers, or foliage. For my bees, it could only be daisies that would make the perfect match. Oxeye daisies to be exact.

Whether you prefer matching earrings, or you like storytelling with mixed earrings, these little daisies make a lovely companion to whatever you choose to pair them with.


Inspiration for my Daisy Earrings

I am very fortunate to have a mature cottage garden, full of flowers of all types. When designing my bumblebee ring, the image that kept popping into my mind was of the bees buzzing in and out of the oxeye daisies in my garden. And so they naturally came into my collection, initially by way of the bumblebee and daisy ring. The ring design came down to a choice of modelling a large bee from scratch – or modelling a large daisy for my little bee to sit on. I wasn’t brave enough then to tackle a large bee – and so the bee and daisy collection was born. Of course, as soon as the ring was finished – the next thing to design was evident: a pair of daisy earrings.

Actually it was the idea of a mis-matched pair of earrings which drove me forward: a bee earring on one and a daisy on the other. So this is how I wear mine. The mix of bees and daisies has been a popular marriage, which now includes a range of larger Queen Bees and Daisies, including my Queen Bumblebee and Daisy Necklace.


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


The daisy measures 13mm in diameter. The (drop) earring total drop length is 30mm

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