Orb Weaver Spider Earring


My collection would not be complete without one of the most fascinating (and most feared) of creatures – the spider. This sterling silver spider earring is modelled on an Orb Weaver Spider, who dropped in one day and posed in a perfect earring pose until I snapped it on my camera.

It is mounted on a fine silver chain – meaning that the earring can be worn at different lengths… or moved up and down just like the real thing! Is is paired with a nice juicy fly (stud) to make the perfect partnership, but can also be purchased as a matching pair or single earring.


Inspiration for my Spider Earring

Creatures have always fascinated me – great or small, cute or creepy – and will pick them up at the slightest opportunity. Very few frighten me… bar one. The spider. My fear is completely irrational considering I was brought up in a house with the most enormous spiders the UK has to offer, by a mother who picked them up freely and fearlessly. For some reason, they were all called “George”. Despite my fear, spiders are truly fascinating creatures and deserve a place in my silver Hall of Fame. A spider earring, hanging on a long silvery chain, was irresistable. Especially when paired with a tasty fly earring.

Normally I spend a long time trawling the internet for that perfect creature shot to inspire me. But this time, my subject literally came to me – lowering himself on the finest silk thread on the glass door behind my desk. Then he hung there as if to say, “Look, this is how you need to model your spider earring!”. He patiently waited until I had taken photographs at every conceivable angle, before he went about his business once again.

What my customers say:

“B***** H*** yes – book me in for one now!”

Helen– one of my regular customers commenting on the prototype via Facebook   (re. Spider Earring)


Sterling Silver

Hallmarked or Makers Mark:

Makers’ Mark


The spiders are approximately 38mm x 13mm. The silver chain attached to the spider is 45mm.

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